Understand yourself to be better

Published on May 11, 2015 02:08:08 AM
Karen Campos Bhatia, Nutritionist, exercise physiologist (VIGOR Health Consulting), My motto in life is to "live to be happy”. To be happy I have realised you must be someone who can connect with yourself and understand the truth about yourself -- good and bad. When I feel resentful, envious or angry I immediately center myself and remind myself that being a good, clean person is a matter of practice. This helps me stay clean both in thought and behaviour. Sometimes I too succumb -- I am human after all, but I am quick to set things right.

I feel this helps me constantly work on being a better person with cleaner thoughts that make people around me behave better towards me, and in a way there is a gradual change in people I come into contact with. I deeply believe someone who is a clean, healthy, happy and is a loving individual is respectful and will respect all people, animals and their surroundings. So it is in being good, being clean and being honest about what’s bad, that you can have an impact your surroundings and the world around you.