Making mistakes is just human

Published on April 11, 2015 12:19:19 PM
Hanumantha Rao Devulapalli Artist : ‘Swachh Soch- Swachh Bol’ is a unique concept and it is very much necessary at this moment for the youth of the country. I think it is such initiatives which will inculcate right thoughts among the youth as the present generation is so much influenced by the western culture. We need to stop looking for faults in everything. Making mistakes is just human and we should follow the concept of Swachh Soch-Swachh Bol by not thinking and talking negatively about mistakes.

Pure thoughts will be inculcated only if the individual develops sincerity, positive thinking and dedication. These are the things people should possess all through their life as they will help them achieve greater heights. The right association has to be inculcated right from childhood. I also think the individual should be honest, which will develop a great responsibility towards the society. They should always work for the society, but should not expect anything in return.

It is the right thoughts that will bring out the positivity in the person which will become the driving force for the change. It is very fruitful for the individual and it will create the right environment to bring people back to track. We should not demean people in any way and we should not boost our image by showing others in bad light. I think I have achieved success with these principles in life and everybody who follows them should be taken as an inspiration by the further generations.

I always tell people that they should start reading positive stuff which will surely make them feel the difference. I also feel that reading positive thing should be the initial step as something once read cannot be forgotten. Such initiative should not be just confined to one place, it has to spread its wings all across the country as it is high time we witness the real change we are waiting for. The youth should come together to a single platform to promote them.