Stop finding flaws in others

Published on May 10, 2015 01:29:29 AM
Swati Lakra, Additional commissioner (Crimes and SIT), The hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world. Undoubtedly women in any avatar are the most powerful and inspiring species in the world. History and literature have always said that women have been the driving force behind major world events, be it war, the ruin of an entire civilization or simply evolution of mankind from primitives to civilized beings. A country that contributes to the safety and security of its women is the most swachh country.

What is the point of so many temples with goddesses? What is the point of undertaking life-risking yatras and fasts to obtain the blessings of a goddess, when you ignore the cries of your wife or daughter at home? You may fold your hands in humility in front of a goddess but abandon the mother who gave birth to you. What kind of a civilization is this?  Women and men both have the privilege of being human. Make use of this and develop the best traits of humanity -- purity of thoughts, pure words and positive action. There is no bigger swachhta than the swachhta of mind and heart.

Clean up the dirt inside before you look around you. Stop searching for flaws in others and be your own critic. Only then will you develop good instincts and sophistication. There is beauty in the world if you have swachh soch. There is poetry in nature if you can identify with swachh bol.