Go all-out for your dreams

Published on April 09, 2015 11:48:48 AM
Rathna Shekar Reddy Theatre actor and director : All of us go through rough times in our lives. Sometimes it feels as if nothing is working out the way we want and that life itself is working against us. In such times, it is only one’s faith in one’s self that could help. Such trying times turn into nightmares if one is prone to negative thinking. After completing an MBA, I joined a bank in Mumbai. From early on, I disliked a lot about the bank and the job.

The way the bank treated its employees was unacceptable to me. I decided to resign, and all my friends and colleagues disagreed with me. All of them asked me to be patient and accept what I had, since it was a prestigious job and had good scope. But I quit, not knowing what I would do next, but believing in myself nevertheless. It is only because of my faith in myself that I was able to find my calling. I decided I wanted to act and that it may take more than a couple of years to make it, but I wanted to pursue my dream regardless.

I worked hard to realise my dream only because I was confident enough to think that I would make it. That’s not possible for one who lacks belief in oneself. My role model is my father, who was a farmer and taught me the discipline that’s imperative to farming. Those qualities of hard work and doing things at the exact right time helped me a lot in my life. My advice to the youth is to never take shortcuts.

The ‘Youtube culture’ is growing and youngsters are increasingly dreaming of success from one small video or project. Life is beyond short-term success; to be a wholly successful person, one needs to go the whole way, do everything it takes, and pay the full price.