Try to find something good in every person

Published on April 08, 2015 12:35:35 PM
G Kishan Rao IAS (retd), chairman Telangana State Tourism Development Corporation : A healthy body is essential, so is a positive mind. From the time we wake up to the time we go to bed, we should cultivate the habit of thinking positively. This enhances virtues of a man. Being judgemental about someone will define us, not them. Life changes when we cut down habit of criticising others. In life we come across many kinds of people, try to find something good in every person.

This will help develop peace of mind and also a shield of positivity. Everything depends on how we think. Our thoughts reflect in our actions. Start your day with a prayer to God not for promotions or more money but to keep you away from evil thoughts, evil actions and hurtful words. Shield your mind from jealousy, pettiness and pride. Pray to keep your mind, heart and soul pure and also help people. I read a book called "The Mental Powers”. It says, our opinions, our actions, our thoughts are all because of our mind set.

We should tame our minds to think good, be good and do good for others. God will certainly be with such people. The moment a man thinks he is the best and others are bad, his downfall starts. Every man will come across crisis in life, but it is important to realise that every crisis does something good for us at the end. We should be patient and keep the momentum going.

God has his own schemes. When we face crisis, we shouldn't think ‘it’s the end of our life’ or anything negative. Something better will be in store. We should remember that when things fall apart, something better will fall in place. Youngsters should work with zeal, commitment and determination. Follow the mantra ‘Swacch Soch, Swacch Bol’, and it will take you to great heights in life.