All swachhta needs is timely triggers

Published on May 07, 2015 02:18:18 AM
Vivek Gadgil , CEO (L&T Metro Rail) , When we were young, we were not told that this is ‘good’ and this ‘bad’. Our parents and teachers simply showed us the path of self-discipline and morals. We had the same kind of upbringing at home and school. We never had any contradictions. Today, I realise the importance of those morals and rules, which are today being called swachhta.

How swachh can human souls get? Can we define it or measure it? No! The only parameter that one really has is one’s own consciousness. When each one of us recollects the sacrifices our parents made, remember the hours of teaching our gurus gave us, the kind of environment we grew up in, we realise what kind of education we are imparting to our children. What is the world we have built for them and what kind of a future are we giving them! As someone who believes that building relationships is important not just progress, I firmly practise what I preach.

This is my test for purity of thought! Cleanliness and positive attributes are present in every human being, all they need to walk the way of swachhta are timely triggers. We need to keep reminding ourselves and people around us that we have a great deal of good inside us. Don’t let go of that good in pursuit of objects which invite negativity. If your neighbour is behaving badly or you see some injustice around you, it is your swachh mind which will make you take action -- to see that the person is brought to realise his mistake.

When we go abroad we see this more often. All people have the same set of rules, nobody is excused. And if anyone is caught breaking rules or making exceptions, immediately a group of people will oppose it. This is moral responsibility. It is in our hands to maintain earth as a place fit for humans, or turn it into a living hell!
When people comment on women and say ‘she is a woman, a housewife. She doesn’t work’, I want to tell them ‘Sir she is the busiest person on earth’.

She is a giver of life, she sustains us, teaches us, guides us and loves us. The woman of the house is busier than any working male. You won’t be able to achieve anything at work or in life, if you don’t have a woman taking care of your life at home. My mother is a life giver, she is the reason for my existence and what I am today. Indeed it is true that the humanity starts at home in the womb of the mother.