Character reflection of our thoughts

Published on April 06, 2015 15:51:51 PM
Bharath Kumar Reddy Arora Scientific Technical Research Academy : People are not good or bad, it is their thoughts that define them. What we do, what we say and what we are mirror our thoughts. The more we think we can change, the more progress can take place. "A sentence can create a movement.” To see the nation change, we must be the first to speak up for it and change it. Gandhiji once said, "You must be the change your wish to see in the world”.

Efforts made in the present will bring results in the future. As people say "the change is within you.” Only you can see it. To create a healthy environment, the least one can do is to think about it and contribute to it. A small thought by our Prime Minister Narendra Modi created the huge ongoing movement "Swachh Bharat Abhiyan”. People get thoughts which are enlightening every day, but the fear to speak up holds us back. Thoughts are the most powerful tool for transforming society.

As a responsible citizen of my society and my country, I use my thoughts and words to bring about a better world. My promise to my society is that I will spread the idea of freedom and write so that I can inspire others also to work for a higher good. It is said that even "one good thought and one good word can create change”, in that case, I want to be the catalyst. I want to be the initiative.