When mystery women in CSK players' rooms had ACSU fuming

Published on May 23, 2015 18:47:42 PM

BCCI’s Anti-Corruption Security Unit chief Ravi Sawani, in an email to the Indian cricket board, apparently quoted cases of players and IPL franchisees sullied the anti-corruption code during IPL 2014.

The incidents mentioned in the email include a yacht-party hosted by KXIP co-owner Preity Zinta, a party organised for Delhi Daredevils and a bash for KKR by Shah Rukh Khan’s friend.

The players, when questioned, apparently said they were good friends.

It was also reported that two women were present in the rooms of two Chennai Super Kings players.

Indian Premier League’s chief operating officer, Sundar Raman, had then made it clear to all the teams that only wives or partners and blood relatives would be allowed to stay in a player’s room. However, it is learnt that that rule was not followed by quite a few teams.

Meanwhile, another report in cricinfo.com suggests that the board and teams confirmed the ACU was satisfied with the explanations it had received and the inquiries were considered closed.

A BCCI official was quoted as saying by the website that franchises have started sending out guest lists for private parties and sponsor events in advance to the ACU, which vets the names and sends an alert in case of any undesirable elements being present.