Sri Lanka to prosecute sex-bribe accused

Published on May 23, 2015 19:22:55 PM

Sri Lankan authorities on Saturday said they would initiate criminal action against two men handling the women's cricket team following allegations they claimed sexual favours from team members to guarantee their positions.

Disciplinary inquiry initiated in November exposed the evidence of ‘sexual harassment’ that took place against women players and a report was submitted on Thursday.

Name of the officials or the players who had been harassed have not been revealed, but the criminal action in line with women and child protection laws was being taken.

In November, an independent panel was asked to investigate local media allegations that unidentified players were dropped from the team for declining to get physical with sports officials. Reports had claimed that selection and team officials, who were not identified, demanded sex from players in return for acquiring them a place in the team. Sri Lanka's Children's Minister Rosy Senanayake, who is also responsible for women's issues, told that she was closely monitoring the case and wanted the perpetrators brought to justice.