Moody's mood disillusioned

Published on May 16, 2015 15:58:16 PM
Sunrisers Hyderabad coach Tom Moody has expressed unhappiness at the way the target for Royal Challengers Bangalore was revised under Duckworth-Lewis method in their rain-interrupted IPL cricket match and said that the system "needs to be looked at".

"I am not anyone, but it has been talked about for a fair period of time. Personally, I feel that it (D/L method) definitely needs to be looked at. Because there occurred an imbalance there. You don't want rain interruption period. You also don't want skewed games with huge disadvantage like that," Moody said.

After a delayed start due to rain, Sunrisers Hyderabad scored 135 for 3 in 11 overs. But the target for RCB was revised to 81 from six overs after their run chase was also delayed by rain.

Moody said each and every player of his side has done his best under the circumstances in the match.

"I am not going to apportion blame to any particular player. I thought every player did their very best under the circumstances," he said.