Constable hits a lady with brick, suspended

Published on May 11, 2015 17:17:42 PM
A Delhi traffic police constable allegedly attacked a woman with a brick, after she refused to pay Rs 200 as bribe. The constable was suspended due to this shameful act on Monday.

The incident was brought to light through a video captured by a passerby Kamal Kanth, which went viral on web. Consequently, police authorities passed suspension orders of the Head Constable Satish Chandra.

The young woman told media that the policeman hit her with the brick and twisted her arm after she refused to pay him Rs 200 as bribe.

According to Kamal Kanth, the incident took place at Golf Links in central Delhi. The women was riding scooter and as she jumped a signal she was stopped by the constable.

The constable demanded driving license and the woman showed a Xerox of it. When asked for original, she said that it is not with her and started walking away.

"He then pulled her. Shot got angry over being pulled and hit the policeman's bike with a stone. The policeman then picked up a huge brick and flung it on the woman's back in front of her two children. People immediately gathered there and overpowered the policeman," said Kamal Kanth.

Another police official reached the spot and detained the constable immediately.

Muktesh Chander, special commissioner in charge of traffic police, stated that a departmental inquiry would be set up in this regard.