Alstom T&D India eyes expansion in Bihar

Published on May 08, 2015 14:32:45 PM
Alstom T&D India has inked pact with Bihar State Power Transmission Company Limited (BSPTCL) to build four 132 kV and two 220 kV air insulated substations (AIS) which is worth of Rs €30 million (Rs 2,202 million) approximately.

These substations are intended to improve the capacity of power evacuation systems in Bihar as a part of 12th five year plan of the country to build 220 kV transmission network across Bihar.

Alstom T&D India will construct the 220/132/33 kV turnkey substations as well as the two units of associated 132 kV bay extension in Supaul.

Alstom will provide control and relay panel based on the SCADA system, for 16 units of 220 kV bays, 39 units of 132 kV bays plus 52 units of 33 kV bays and other auxiliary equipment. All major equipment will be supplied from Alstom T&D India’s manufacturing facilities.