Guru shows individual path to experience truth

Published on May 27, 2015 01:00:00 AM

When you see a great work of art, you marvel at its beauty. When you hear a beautiful piece of music, you want to listen to it again and again. When you read an interesting book, it stimulates your mental faculties. But these are the creations of that artist, that composer and that author.

Isnt it ironical that we engage day in and day out in taking pleasure in things that are someone else's thought and creation, someone else whom at times we do not even know? How many of us care to access the source which triggered that thought process in xyzee person to create something that we all admire?

In the last twenty years of teaching yog, I have met many spiritual aspirants, the most learned and well read. I have attended countless spiritual meets where the greatest of intellectuals gather and ponder over complex phenomena of soul, liberation, divine, ananda etc., the discussions and concepts usually stem from the intellectual understanding of great works by masters. Adi Shankarcharya based on his revelations gave us the Saundarya Lahiri. Patanjali gave the yogsutras. Krishna summarised his gyana in Geeta.

Brahma coded the secrets of creation in the form of four vedas. But think about it can you understand brahma by reading the vedas? What is it that triggerred that thought process in these men that they were able to create something so advanced and scientific that till date no one can refute them?

This is the process of guru and gyan. What they wrote is their experience of yog, instead of getting carried away in the beauty of someone else's experience, think about it, what has your experience been? That is the truth for you. We are all divine beings going through a human experience. Our desires, needs and wants all are different and unique, that is why when ram and krishna manifested they also needed a guru. Your own experience is what will take you beyond for only that is real, all else is just a story and entertainment.

The secrets of the entire creation and beyond are lying waiting to be discovered ...discovered by you through your individual path of experience...that is the path which your guru shows you as he knows you more than yourself...experience guru..shut that book and your ego.

- Yogi Ashwini