Facelift for Narad Kund

Published on May 20, 2015 00:42:42 AM

A cleansing drive meant to restore the historic Naradkund, a pool near the famous Badrinath temple in Garhwal Himalayas, to its ancient glory is in full swing by Badrinath temple committee and Anil Ambani Badrish Swachchata Force volunteers.

The exercise, in which the youth of Mana village and Pandukeshwar are also participating enthusiastically, is aimed at reviving waning interest of devotees in the ancient pool which has been referred to as the Ksheer Sagar (ocean of milk) in the Puranas. Naradkund is the fabled pool from which Adi Guru Shankaracharya is said to have retrieved the idol of Lord Vishnu centuries ago and installed it in the sanctum sanctorum of the temple.

Located underneath the temple a little distance away is a hot water pool, it is a naturally formed pool near the Panchshilas on the banks of the Alaknanda. However, over the years the Naradkund has become a reservoir of silt and sediment where the Alaknanda deposited all its waste.

"Naradkund at one time was the shelter of Bhagwan Badrinath (Lord Vishnu) and has been referred to as Ksheer Sagar. Now it would not be left in a state of neglect. All the dirt and silt is being removed from the kund so that its past glory returns and revives the interest of devotees in the ancient pool," says Badrinath Temple Committee CEO B D Singh who also heads Anil Ambani Badrish Swachchata Force.

"Apart from cleansing the pool, we are now doing an ad campaign appealing to devotees bound for Badrinath to also visit Naradkund," he said. Cleaning the pool was an onerous task but young volunteers did not hesitate to climb down into it with the help of ropes to clean it, Singh said.