Annamaiah paata, maata to glorify Sri Venkateswara

Published on May 20, 2015 00:45:45 AM

Taking the glory of Lord Sri Venkateswara Swamy across the globe through the sankeertans of Saint poet Tallapaka Annamacharya is the prime motto of the novel programme "Annamaiah Paata Maata", said TTD Board Chief Dr Ch Krishnamurthy.

Addressing the launch of programme jointly organised by SV Recording, Annamacharya projects and SVBC in Mahati Auditorium in Tirupati on Tuesday, the Chairman said, Saint Poet has popularised the glory of Lord Venkateswara through his stupendous keertans and even after six centuries these Keertans are doing rounds among the masses across the world.

"With an aim to enhance the Venkateswara vaibhavam, TTD will record these keertans sung by eminent artistes with a narration of the essence of each song by famous scholars and telecast as episodes in SVBC for the sake of global audience", he maintained.

Later P Bhaskar, Jeo Tirupati said, there will be five songs in each hour long episode with a five minutes narration after each song. "We have so far composed music to 1700 keertans and we want to bring them to light through this programme", he maintained.

Meanwhile the programme was off to a spectacular start on the specially decked stage meant to record this programme exclusively in the spacious auditorium. Renowned singer And Asthanam Vidwan of TTD Dr G Balakrishna Prasad and Annamacharya Project artist Smt Bullemma rendered the great sankeertans including "Saranu Saranu Neeku...", "Brahma kadigina paadamu...", "Challare Haripai....", "Chakkanitalliki Changubhala...", "Trivikrama Murthiyai..." and many more songs with melody while renowned scholars Dr Samudrala Lakshmanaiah, Dr Kamisetty Srinivasulu and Dr Medasani Mohan narrated the meaning of each Kriti. Svbc Ceo Dr Madhusudhan Rao, Spl gr.dyEO Munirathnam Reddy, AEO All Projects Smt Padmavathi and others were also present.