'We reside in Gods and Goddesses'

Published on May 19, 2015 00:48:48 AM
Gods and goddesses don’t reside in you, person resides in the gods and goddesses, when one realises the bliss of residing in them, he/she leaves the realm of business. Then he/she does not sell but gives it away willingly for self-growth. Law of karma says, it is in giving that you receive, something which was reiterated by Saint Francis of Assisi. Sri Vidya or any of the Yogic sciences are extremely potent practices but they have to be channelised through a Guru who has its siddhi, only then they are effective. People do not have even an iota of idea of what this science is or what these shaktis are.

Yoga is not tying yourself in knots or breathing funny. Asanas and Pranayamas are only one-fourth of yoga. And as detailed by Rishi Patanjali, Asan is a posture in which you are comfortable and still, Prana yama is natural cessation of breath. These are not to help you lose weight or rid you of your ailments but to prepare your body for the journey beyond. Good health is a by-product, not the main product. There are no diets, lifestyles or rituals in yoga.

It is a science of self-experience under the sanidhya of a Guru. And Guru is someone who exudes the glow of yoga, what he/she thinks manifests, what he/she says happens, when he/she chants the atmosphere changes, his/her gaze is healing, touch is energizing, he/she does not promise miracle cures but gives you the experience of subtler worlds and does not charge you a fee. A yogi is sthir in the five yamas of Ashtang Yoga, the first of which is satya. Anyone who makes tall claims of curing your problems slips in the very first yama of truth. So my suggestion is, look for a Guru. No amount of television shows or books or jumping around the trees can grant you the experience of yoga. And experience you must…for the plea sure of that experience is limitless.
- Yogi Ashwini