Connect with divinity to be happy

Published on May 17, 2015 00:33:33 AM
The reason for all bulbs lighting up is because there is an electrical connection somewhere. In the same way in life, the connection has to happen inside. The connection has to be joined with the Ultimate Truth. The plug and the socket are there, they just need to be connected. Once the wire gets connected, there will be serenity in the mind without any worries. God has given you the greatest gift, your smile.

Don’t let it be dropped. There is a proverb in Sanskrit which says that the intelligent spend their time in fun, music and literature and the unintelligent ones spend their time in arguments, fights and being miserable. Remember that all the experiences are of the mind.

The experience of the soul is also at the level of the mind. When the mind is calm, then the soul is experienced. The soul is an embodiment of joy. Mind experiences sorrow. When the mind dissolves, then joy is experienced. Just as there are waves in the ocean, the mind is a wave in the soul. The mind is not a different entity. It is the wave of the ocean.

It comes up a little and then calms down, again comes up and then calms down. Everyone is going to die someday. No one here would be there for more than a few decades from now. In this short span, we should be pleasant and lead life happily. If worries come, we should learn how to get rid of them and ponder on the purpose of our life. Every difficulty comes to go away. No problem stays forever. There is a tattva (principle) in you called Eshwara tattva.

It loves you very much. Have this devotion, depth of love and the confidence – that the Divinity loves me. You should not ask proof of the Divine’s love for you. Always know that the Divine loves you, that is it! So, don’t worry. Finding that out and establishing connection with it is very easy. Do seva, do something good for the society, do meditation and pranayama for a while. After this, whatever you wish for, it will be fulfilled.