Experiencing the Divine

Published on March 12, 2015 17:52:52 PM
The concept of a Temple in Hindu parlance is of paramount importance in the spiritual life of a Hindu or to say the ancient term for our religion, The Sanatana Dharma. A treasure trove of hidden meanings and allegories surround the divine anvil of the temple. It is a marvel, both, architecturally, esoterically.The temple is an institution which gives a believer benefits in a two way form, firstly, a peace of mind, a respite from the work a day world and then an inner feeling of being close to the divine force.

The whole structure of a temple, with its various parts conveys a lofty philosophy. Generally, a temple is a symbol of the entire universe, with the God as its guiding force. The entrance of a temple, Gopura or the gateway is considered to be the feet of the lord, as it is the lotus feet of the lord that we should cling and seek as a refuge to be given courage to survive the vagaries of material life. Then comes the inner Dhwajasthambha, the pillar of the might of the lord to which one pays obeisance first before entering the inner chambers of the temple. Then comes the inner chamber, the Antarala., which is considered as the neck of the Lord, then the Sanctum sanctorum the garbhagriha, which is the head of the Lord to which we pay our final salutations as a symbol of fulfillment of our visit to a temple.

 The walls surrounding this whole structure is said to be the Lord’s hands encompassing the entire universe, under his fold. This way a temple connects the worldly beings to the Divine guiding force, making people realize that the world is a temple and guiding them to lead their life spiritually.