Sadhana, seva, satsang part of my life

Published on May 10, 2015 00:05:05 AM
When did you get associated with Art of living and how?
I did my AOL Part 1  course in October 1999. I was working long hours as a doctor and the physical and mental strain started squeezing me. I was in the process of soul-searching and guidance to do the AOL part 1 course was actually an answer to my prayer. I remember attending an introductory talk and by the time it concluded, I decided to join up the very next day!! The effects were so profound that , since then I have never stopped practicing. Guruji advised us to do Part 2 courses every 6 months and I followed that till I have done more than 20 advanced courses.

What are the benefits you got out of it?
The list is endless! Physical, Mental and spiritual well-being are the most important gifts which I received. I’m able to focus very well on whatever I wanted to do, and as a result the quality of my work improved and this in turn has led to financial gains and stability. The TTC training really helped to improve my leadership skills. I learnt that this whole world is one family and this has made me  accept people and situations better. This has also helped my skills in diplomacy and interpersonal relationships.

How is it benefiting you professionally?

 I am learning new techniques and Craniosacral Therapy is one of them.

Which aspect of art of living appeals to you the most ?  
Sadhana, seva and satsang are totally part of my everyday life. The gyan is what really appeals to me as I am intellectually inquisitive.

What is your vision for AOL in our city? Your approach to bringing transformation in people?
I envision our city to have a high Happiness quotient. Our job as AOLites is to put a smile on everyone's face. At this moment my aim is to focus on Craniosacral Therapy as Guruji had given us this task to learn the therapy and help people to overcome pain and suffering without taking recourse to medicines. Each one of us has a special ability given by God. Each one has to figure out in what way they can contribute to make this world a better place.

On this path we are fortunate to have so many avenues made available to us. We could contribute through organising and teaching the courses, through the schools, through medical camps, disaster management, contribution to businesses, yoga Kendra’s, sanskar Kendra’s, legal aid, satsangs, padayatras, organic farming, scientific research in indigenous cattle strains, and Dharma Sthamba Yojana, just to name a few. Each one needs to just put their proverbial stick to help lift that mountain which is already being held up for us.