Healing music soothes audience

Published on April 09, 2015 10:57:57 AM
On April 6, in the world record making concert, Swamiji was accompanied by world-renowned violinist L Subramaniam, famous percussionists V Suresh on ghatam, and Ramadasu on Tabla along with the Celestial Message Troupe. After receiving a warm traditional Australian welcome, Swamiji began the concert with a rendition on Lord Ganapathy, "Pranavaswarupam” in raga Rushyaketupriya saying that the first raga is Omkara symbolising Ganapathy.

This was followed a classic composition by Sri Swamiji on Lord Shiva, "Esha Patisha” in raga Mohana. Audience was instructed to stay awake (and not fall asleep, which is very common during these concerts.) For each healing raga, audience was required to make a different mudra (a symbolic hand gesture) for effective results. Third healing raga Charukesi, kept audience tuned to the music while Swamiji played the bhajan "Shantirastu Tushirastu Pushtirastu”. Next was a peppy number, referred to as "Dancing tune” that quickly transformed the ambience from that of a serious session with occasional ‘harsh’ notes to a cheerful one. Such is the magic of music! Aimed at relaxation, this is composed in raga Shankarabharanam. "Pahi Pahi” in Sindhubhairavi, "Bhaja Bhaja Dattam” in Shubhapantuvarali and finally, mangalam in praise of the Goddess of Raga Ragini in raga Sama concluded the grand healing session.

"Music is my Religion, my Expression and my Language”, says Swamiji! His music is unique and is not bound by the rules of musical styles and techniques. Swamiji has experimented with music for several decades and his scientific approach to music therapy has benefited millions of people across the globe through many such music therapy lessons. This music is divine nada and one often falls short of words to fully describe the experience. Australia Nada Sagara in Sydney was another such experience. Audience left the hall, all rejuvenated, after enjoying the soothing music. That listeners flock Swamiji’s concerts speaks volumes about the effectiveness of music therapy. The audience of Opera House felt blessed. Having experienced such concerts in person, we recommend participation in these concerts for a spiritually soothing experience.

"Intintiki Tirigi Tirigi Hitamu Panchu Paadamu”

This line from one of the Bhajans composed by Swamiji in the glory of Sadguru Tattva , means that Sadguru constantly travels (literally from door to door) preaching Hithamu ( good advice) to establish righteousness. True to these words, Swamiji toured the world innumerable times and continues to do so in order to spread the word of His mission. After touring the world and making such world records (the previous Guinness World record for leading the largest group chanting for Hanuman Chalisa Parayana), Swamiji will be back in India for Jayalakshmi Mata Aradhana, commemoration of Swamiji’s mother, His Guru. For further updates on Datta Peetham’s activities, follow this weekly article.

Swamiji Says, physical body is inherited from parents. A Guru gives a Divine birth to the disciple by transforming the disciple into a sublime personality. That person may lose his health and wealth but not the shield of protection of Sadguru since a he always remains with the disciple and protects him from all calamities. A disciple is placed on the altar of spiritual path.

Sri Swamiji arrived in Sydney on 2nd April for the historical Australia Nada Sagara. On 4th April, Hanuman Jayanti, Swamiji performed Karya Siddhi Hanuman and Sri Chakra Puja in the morning which was followed by a wonderful bhajan session in Baha’i temple, Sydney. On this pious day, Sri Swamiji emphasized on the importance of Hanuman Chalisa parayana and that constant chanting of parayana improves memory. On April 5, Swamiji led Australian Datta Yoga Alliance (ADYA) yoga practices and performed Yoga Namaskaras in front of the iconic Sydney Opera House.

Splendid surprise

His Holiness Sri Ganapathy Sachchidananda has created world history and has been recognized by Guinness World Records for leading the largest music therapy lesson in a single location on April 6, in the iconic Sydney Opera House, Sydney, Australia, for the well-being of the participants. This announcement thrilled the audience as they had no prior information regarding the recording. The hall resounded with joyous shouts and chants of victory. An event that was supposed to be one of the series of musical therapy concerts has created a record in the prestigious Guinness world book! Swamiji constantly outdoes Himself, surprises His devotees, and pioneers unique trends