Disintegrator and concealer

Published on April 07, 2015 12:48:48 PM
244. JAHNU: The disintegrator and concealer.
He makes men disappear at the time of destruction. He leads away from Himself those devoid of devotion.

He conceals His greatness to those who have forsaken Him, i.e., the impious and non-devotees.
‘O! Great King! That discus of Sri Vasudeva who pervades all over the universe, is concealed by His power for the benefit of Pandavas (It is not visible to others). [Mahabharata – Udyoga Parva – 6-7-2).

Jahnu is a sage who lived prior to the period of Ramayana. There is a possibility that Vishnu Sahasranama might have included his name out of reverence paid to him. There is a hermitage called Jahnu Muni’s Asram, Bhishma-tila, which is situated not far from the Navadwipa – Katva road, not far from the turn to the side of Mamgachi and mentioned with huge Banyan tree. In the north to Vidyanagar there is shining Jahnudwipa, where the Temple for renounced people is seen, which belongs to Jahnu Muni. There Jahnu Muni drank Ganges and later she became as his daughter Jahnavi.

The Decadence of Ganges is explained in the 9th Canto of Srimad Bhagavatam. By the request of the sage Aurva, Maharaja Sagara did Ashvamedhya Yaga and by that pleased the Supreme Personality of Godhead – Supreme Controller, who is in everyone's heart. But king of heavens Indra stole the sacrifice horse. Proud of their power sons of Sumati by the request of their father went to look for that horse. Wishing to find it they started to dig the ground. In the north – east they found the lost horse which was feed at the ashram of Kapila Muni. "This is the person who stole the horse” they cried out. "He is sitting with closed eyes. It might he is a great sinner. Kill him! Kill him!” with these words all 60 thousand sons of king Sagara took their guns. But when they came close to the sage, he opened his eyes. Being cheated by Indra sons of Sagar offended the great sage. Because of that their bodies fired up and their bodies turned into ashes.

Later the grandson of King Sagara, Amshuman went in search for the horse. Following the same path as his uncles Amshuman reached the place where he found ashes and nearby saw the lost horse jumper. Great Amshman also saw the great sage Kapila Muni – the incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Amshuman paid his humble obeisance and offered his prayers. Supreme Lord told: "Dear Amshuman, here it is the animal which your father searched for. Take it! And your uncles can be delivered only with the waters of Ganges, not in any other way. King Amshuman and his father for a long time performed austerities but they could not bring Ganges to this material world. Later king left his body.