May is going to bea happy month…

Published on May 02, 2015 01:29:29 AM
May is going to bea happy month… with Inseeya Khambati (Inseeya is a city-based tarot reader and healer)

Aries: You will be a little faster on your feet and an eagerness to get things done quickly. May is the time to put everything on execution mode. If you are an employee, you should not be taken over by the will to change, but you will have to wait to find something in line with your expectations.
Lucky Colour: Baby pink

Taurus : May is a month of completion. Unfinished assignments, work projects, relationship goals will go through. Current relationships go well and there are new relationships on the cards for singletons. You’ll be aware how good you are at work and you’ll find solutions for every single hitch. It’s an ideal moment for a cleansing using natural products.
Lucky Colour: Emerald green

Gemini : May is going to be a happy month. You will be accomplishing your goals and also be appreciated for it. You like security and success. Emotionally; you’ll start the month feeling rather unstable and bitter. It’s time to end a relationship which is difficult and demanding. This may be painful but eventfully its will work wonders for you. 
Lucky Colour: Lilac

Cancer : May is going to be a good month for ventures and initiatives. Some will travel away from home. Moneywise this month is good. Initially it indicates a waiting period. But later there will be an inflow. You love to banter and argue with your associates but don’t take things personally. Take to gymming or outdoor sports to de-stress and spend the extra energies.
Lucky Colour: Silver

Leo: You’ll start the month with great physical energy and this will make you vivacious and imaginative. Your long wait on work will seem to come to an end. You’ll be great when forming new contacts professionally. Towards the end of the month you will reach perfection and completion. Love would scare you a little.
Lucky Colour: Orange

Virgo: The beginning of the month is going to be ambitious. You are clear about what work you want to do at work. You will be energetic and goal oriented. Tarot predicts that you are going to achieve your goals. Although there are no problems in your relationship, you’ll feel greatly attracted to someone new. The star tarot promises you heaps of energy.
Lucky Colour: Beige

Libra: May heralds competive ness at work and in business spheres. Your excellent communicative ability will make you better at "conquering”. This month, everything will go for the best and you’ll have many good cards to play. An important project could be a good springboard for a launch. This is going to be a marvelous break and you have all that it takes to succeed.
Lucky Colour: Mauve pink

Scorpio: May is a month of good news and happiness. Wealth and prosperity will flow in from all directions. Relationships will consolidate and tension will fade away. The harmony you enjoyed in your relationship will return back to normal. For health, try out a dance course which would help you relax and enjoy yourself . Cast aside negative thoughts.
Lucky Colour: Yellow

Sagittarus: May is a month of speculation, risks and decisions. Beware of exaggeration and above all avoid repeating the same things, as this could exasperate your partner, driving him or her to take extreme decisions. This month, you’ll have the chance to find new working opportunities or rather to improve your current financial situation and responsibilities.
Lucky Colour: Fiery Red
Capricorn: May is going to be a critical month as you may decide to start something on your own. Don’t be conditioned by others’ moods or office gossip as this could hinder the success to a project. Rewards will come your way. These rewards will boost your confidence. Health regime is very important now. 
Lucky Colour: Burnt Orange

Aquarius: You will have a magnetic aura around you. Expect a lot of attention and love coming towards you. There will be a lot of introspection regarding life and love. Workwise you would have been given more responsibilities than you can handle.
It is important for you to succeed but a different spiritual tangent would keep you grounded. 
Lucky Colour: Brown

Pisces: You will be in a giggly and funny mood. People will be drawn by your gentle allure. Your search for a sweetheart, a soul mate is on. You would find one in a Leo says the tarot. You’ll be in a strange mood; you’ll want to change situations and events which you find unsatisfactory, but your lack of diplomacy could cause you problems. The sky promises satisfactory goals.
Lucky Colour: Pista Green