Miraculous surgery by Indian origin doctor

Published on May 25, 2015 11:08:08 AM

In a rare case of medical miracle, a Briton, whose head got ripped off from his spine in a severe accident, has been saved by a unique operation conducted by an Indian origin surgeon.

According to reports revealed on Sunday, Anant Kamat led a team of talented surgeons for the most critical operation. The team re-attached Tony Cowan’s skull to his spine with metal plate and bolts. It is considered as rarest of rare operation. The patient now hopes to go home shortly.

Tony Cowan from Newcastle city met with an accident on September 9, 2014. While he was driving, his car hit a speed-breaker, spun out of control and bashed into a telephone pole.

His heart stopped and he had to be resuscitated by paramedics on the spot before rushing to the hospital. Cowan sustained a fracture in his neck and suffered complete spinal cord injury. It is a miraculous case as the situation was impossible to survive.

Astonishingly, he was not brain-damaged though his head was snapped off from his spine.

While the family was informed that the chances of survival are too low, and was ready to bid a farewell, this miracle happened and Cowan opened his eyes showing his determination to live.