Indian professionals shine bright in UK

Published on May 18, 2015 16:53:53 PM
A study based on official census figures has found that people of Indian origin are most likely to be in elite professional and managerial roles in Britain.

The detailed analysis of 2011 census revealed that Indians are most successful ethnic minority group with 15.4% falling in class 1 of eight occupational groups. They hold higher managerial, administrative roles as well as those of professions like doctors and lawyers.

They are followed by those of Chinese origin at 12.8 per cent.

By contrast, just 6.6 per cent of all Pakistanis and 4.2 per cent of Bangladeshis make it into class 1. The study also found that almost half of Bangladeshi men worked in restaurants and a quarter of Pakistani-origin men were taxi drivers.

The study will be officially released by this week to coincide with the launch of the Demos Integration Hub (DIH).

Trevor Phillips, the former chairman of the Equality and Human Rights Commission, said that the statistics speak a good story about modern Britain and that diversity is adding on to bunch of talent.
Phillips further said, "Publishing this kind of data will puncture the delusion that if we simply leave it alone, don't talk about it and let people get on with it, we will all come to love each other and Britain will become a big melting pot. Actually what the data shows is that if you neglect integration we end up with divided communities." 

The findings of the data also revealed that overall people from ethnic minorities are more likely to hold elite professional roles than those of white British. About 10.3 % of minorities are part of class 1 professions, while for white British, the figure is 9.8%.