Mookhey swears by Gita in Australian parliament

Published on May 12, 2015 12:53:53 PM
Daniel Mookhey is the first person with Indian origin to enter Australian Parliament as Politician and his swearing-in ceremony held on Tuesday was also a historic one.

Born in Blacktown and brought up in Merrylands, son of Punjabi immigrants, Mookhey pledged his loyalty in office by swearing on Hindu’s religious text, Bhagvad Gita.

Mookhey, 32, was elected by the Labor to replace Steve Whan in the New South Wales upper house, which makes him first person with Indian origin to enter Australian Parliament.

Mookhey stated, "It is an incredible honour and I am humbled to be the first Australian politician to take his oath of allegiance on the Gita." 

He further stated, "My story is only possible because Australia is so open and so welcoming to the contributions of people like my parents and I'm thinking a lot about them today as I take my oath."

"It was an important backdrop to my childhood growing up in western Sydney. I am really proud to sort of be using it today as a mark of respect to the people that have helped me get to where I've gotten today, and I'm really very pleased and humbled by the opportunity," he added.

Mookhey said he hopes his time in the NSW Upper House is spent productively. 

The newly elected politician, Mookhey holds three university degrees and has been working as a consultant to unions, charities and community groups.