US Indians raise funds to rebuild Nepal

Published on May 07, 2015 12:53:53 PM
Indian-Americans, along with the small Nepali community in US, are raising funds to rebuild the shattered mountain nation. About hundreds of thousands of dollars are topping as funds to provide aid to the victims in quake hit Nepal.

Donation boxes have been placed outside the grocery stores, gas stations owned by Indian-Americans and temples, people have been donating generously.
Efforts have been taken up by several temples in California and Maryland to raise funds for the quake victims.

"We are making several fund raising efforts in various cities in the US for Nepal," said Chandrakant Patel, president of the Overseas Friends of BJP-USA."We are committed to provide support for the immediate relief and rehabilitation effort in the worst affected areas of Nepal," he said.

Last week Los Angeles raised more than USD 160,000 to help Nepal for its rehabilitation. More than USD 360,000 was raised by non-profit organization Sewa International USA for the cause.

The American India Foundation (AIF), which was set up aftermath of Gujarat quake, claims that it has established a Nepal Rehabilitation Fund whose entire donation will directly go to the rehabilitation process in Nepal. 

Meanwhile, the US Agency for International Development (USAID) Acting Administrator Alfonso Lenhardt declared an additional assistance of USD 11 million for Nepal earthquake response and recovery efforts. The total assistance provided by US to manage the recovery efforts in Nepal accounts to USD 26 million.