Indian researcher examines the use of plants to treat diabetes

Published on January 01, 1970 05:30:30 AM

An Indian researcher, who is pursuing Ph.D at Melbourne’s University of Technology in Australia, had conducted a study to examine the usefulness of plants in diabetes and cancer treatment.

Vandana Gulati was involved with a pharmaceutical research in India after completion of her master’s degree in ayurvedic pharmacy. She had investigated 12 medicinal plant extracts and their uses in treatment of cancer and diabetes.

Gulati stated that when she shifted to Australia she found that people had preoccupied thoughts on effectiveness of plant based research. There were only a few groups working on plant based researches.

The studies that were conducted earlier revealed that diabetes and cancer are connected somewhere, as the risk of low insulin in diabetes affects the growth of cancer stimulating cells.

Gulati further stated that there are many more experiments to be completed on cells and that will be followed by tests on animals and then a final trial on human will be conducted. The researcher is quite confident and positive of the outcome on treatment of cancer and diabetes with use of plants.