Chase goals with commitment

Published on May 30, 2015 01:05:05 AM

V B Kamalasan Reddy, DCP (Central Zone), Hyderabad City,'Swachh Soch- Swachh Bol' is a unique campaign. Such campaigns are much needed at this moment to inspire youth. Being good and doing good make a person ideal. An ideal person is the one who does good things and teaches others ways of being good. Every individual should work and help others from the bottom of their heart. He should be truthful and candid. There are many who just talk about honesty, dignity and humanity.

A goal is a dream with a deadline -Napoleon Hill

To be true, I never had any intention of joining the Police Department. It was mere coincidence in my life. I had two experiences early in my life at a time when people were treated with respect for being honest. One pertains to my school days. I saw a police head constable who was proficient, intelligent and honest.

He came to our village for an inquest regarding the mysterious death of a woman. The way he investigated the case and identified the culprits amazed all the villagers. In another incident, I saw a police constable being impartial to two political parties and controlling the mob during elections in our village. These two incidents taught me to be loyal, honest and true towards my profession.

I have special regard for Swami Vivekananda. His preaching has inspired me a lot along my life. I read his books, attend workshops at the Ramakrishna Math, and spend more time there.Whenever I feel depressed, his books work as encouragement and refreshment for me. He is a true role model for every youngster.

Success in my life is the result of commitment and hard work. Youngsters of our country have many opportunities as well as distractions. To become a successful person in any chosen profession, one should set a goal with commitment and work hard to achieve it. If you are committed and work hard towards your goal, nothing is impossible.