Transport sector strike leaves commuters in lurch

Published on April 30, 2015 09:36:36 AM
The nation-wide strike called by transport sector workers in protest of the new Road  Transport Bill on Thursday is proving to be a problem to commuters across India.

Auto unions are holding rallies in different areas of Hyderabad. Also TSRTC employees, wearing black badges, are protesting in front of the bus depo and not allowing the buses to come out of the depo.

However, some autos are running because of lack of awarness of the bill and some for helping commuters who are facing difficulties in travelling.

Hyderabad MMT is the main source of transport for the city's commuters and passengers are reaching their destination wit its help in the absence of other source of commuting.

"Auto drivers are not even able to earn properly on daily basis and are not able to feed their family properly. Moreover, if the govt brings such a bill it will ruin the life of the common man and will lead him to the wrong path of crime," an auto driver said.