Anti-Modi protesters send hand sanitizers to Zuckerberg

Published by Metro India News Online on September 29, 2015 11:58:58 AM

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to US was considered to be affair. Right from speeches to the conclusion of visit, Modi was in the limelight. However, protests, staged with uniqueness, managed to be a spoil sport.

Despite the less focus by media over the protests, the protestors came up with different innovative style to raise their voices and express their dissent over Indian PM’s meeting with top most CEOs in US.

The Alliance for Justice and Accountability, which has been leading the movement, decided to send gifts to Mark Zuckerberg prior to his meeting with Modi.

The protesters launched a website called and sent over 250 bottles of hand sanitizers to Zuckerberg. The innovative idea was meant to wash the blood stains of Gujarat riot victims.

Along with each bottle of sanitizer, a note was attached with name of victim of 2002 riots, which occurred during Modi’s rule as CM of Gujarat.

The unconventional way made noise on social media too. The website even offers anyone to sign up and send a bottle to Zuckerberg.

Now what’s Zuckerbeg going to do with these bottles?