Spy pigeon creates flutter in intelligence sleuths

Published on May 29, 2015 21:37:37 PM

A pigeon on Thursday flew from Pakistan to India, causing a flutter among intelligence sleuths and Punjab Police.

The pigeon came into the picture after two days, when the Intelligence Bureau brought to the notice of the Punjab Police that Indian Mujahideen being active in Jammu and Pathankot district.

The pigeon flew with a message and wire like object on its body, which was witnessed by the security agencies, which took a closer look, carrying a message in Urdu after decoding the telephone number was found belonging to Pakistan’s Narowhal district.

The bird directly landed at the brick house of the Ramesh Chandra in Manwal village, 4km from Pakistan border, around 6.30pm on Wednesday.     

The bird was taken to the nearest police station by Ramesh Chandra’s son at around 9 pm with spy bird, which created a mess in the police station.