Indian found guilty in Little India riot

Published on May 29, 2015 16:05:05 PM

A court in Singapore on Thursday found an Indian national guilty for failing to move away even after police warned him during the 2013 riot in Little India area.

Arun Kaliamurthy was charged with rioting and failing to disperse from the riot scene after warnings by cops. He can face imprisonment upto 2 years and a fine. The sentence of Kaliamurthy will be announced on June 2.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Sellakumaran and Assistant Public Prosecutor Dillon Kok stated that the 29-year-old man had ample of time to leave from the rioting scenario, but he chose to stay back and continue watch at the happenings of riot.

The defence lawyer Shashi Nathan argued that Kaliamurthy was an innocent bystander and urged the judges to impose a fine or just a day’s jail term.

The riots sparked when an Indian, Sakthivel Kumaravel, was hit by a bus in Little India. The 2013 riot was the worst ever with damage of 23 emergency vehicles, 50 officers injured. About 25 people were charged for the riots and Kaliamurthy was the last defendant.