Energy security for next 50 years

Published on May 29, 2015 00:48:48 AM

The country needs a long-term vision to generate adequate energy for meeting the present demand and future needs

The Union government’s efforts in bringing down the power deficit to a record low of 3.6 per cent during the past one year are highly appreciable. As Prime Minister Narendra Modi has promised to make 24x7 electricity available to all by 2019, his government has initiated some concrete steps that are now bringing fruitful results.

Really, it is a positive sign that power production in the country increased by 8.4 per cent in the past one year, the highest growth in 20 years, and there has been highest-ever increase in transmission line capacity of 22,100 circuit km over the highest jump in substation capacity of 66,554 MW.

Most States are not able to meet the ever increasing demand for electricity. Soaring temperature, lack of rains and increase in power consumption are worsening the situation.

India has sufficient coal reserves and adequate natural sources to generate hydroelectricity and renewable energy. However, the country needs a long-term vision to generate adequate energy for meeting the present demand and future needs. Here, the government’s plan to create energy security for 50 years and increase renewable energy capacity by over five times to 1,75,500 MW by 2022 is also appreciable.

But, it will be possible only when corruption is eliminated, State governments cooperate with the Central government and execution of works is strictly monitored. Moreover, the government should study the best practices in solar and wind generation abroad and replicate them in States in tune with local conditions.

Apart from this, the renewable energy sector is estimated to generate two million green jobs in the next decade in India. There is an urgent need to create a pool of appropriately trained manpower, which could accelerate India’s efforts to go green. The government should work on encouraging youth in this regard and implement its policy effectively to ensure energy security for the country for the next 50 years.