Students condemn moral policing in campus

Published on March 29, 2015 08:11:11 AM
Students of University of Hyderabad (UoH) organised a protest against growing police presence in their campus. The agitated students have called for a ‘police free campus’ and urged the university authorities to restrict the entry of police personnel in UoH.   

Students and faculty, who attended the protest, expressed shock at instances of police excesses in recent times. The students alleged that police were targeting them deliberately, after a section of students organised the ‘Kiss of love protest,’ a couple of months back.

They accused the police of resorting to moral policing inside their campus. "In the guise of giving security to students, police are terrorising them,even not allowing them to come out of their hostels during night. It is affecting the campus life of UoH, which boasts a cosmopolitan population abuzz with students’ activity during night," said Dheeraj, an MA student.

Another student said police were threatening girl students who frequent public places inside the campus during night. Biju BL, Assistant professor, Political Science department, K Lakshinarayana, Professor of Economics and Sreelakshmy B, member of Committee against Sexual Harassment (CASH) addressed the students.