Mood for jubilation in Hyderabad's colleges

Published on March 27, 2015 12:51:51 PM
With college festivals round the corner, Hyderabad's colleges are bursting with activity. Jubilant crowds of students are doing final preparations for their respective competitions.

Two of the city’s leading institutes, University of Hyderabad (UoH) and IIIT-H have recently concluded their annual cultural fests with much fanfare. These festivals brought to fore a melange of India’s diverse art forms, as dancers performed classical and ethnic dances along with recent hip-hop numbers.

The Kryptos band rocked the UoH crowd with their electrifying live concert in the Sukoon cultural festival, held recently. Famous Telugu singer Bhargavi Pillai’s popular songs added a special charm to the event. 

Meanwhile, the Felicity technical fest at IIIT had a wide range of programming competitions for the technical students. The fest had computing and programming competitions for techies. Students from various city colleges participated in these competitions. D-Bug- code, sponsored by Microsoft, and technology quiz attracted large number of  participants. 


Most of the city colleges have concluded their department festivals already. But all eyes are on the big day, when colleges would formally start their much anticipated college day festivities that attract huge crowds from across the colleges in Hyderabad. The college festivities would take place from March to April.

Students  feel  that arts  and  cultural  festivals  are  the  perfect venues  to  showcase  their hidden talents.  It is also the time to party, chitchat and revel in activities with your pals. It is the best time to chill out, students say. Teachers also feel that after weeks of hectic studies and project work students need to relax.

Students are busy searching for sponsors for their college events. Some have already come up with plans to make some quick bucks by setting up beverage and food stalls during the fests. 

For many, these fests are the precious moments in life as they would never come back again.