Metro Chitchat

Published on May 26, 2015 14:06:06 PM

Our own Veteran Journo Jaggu (Jagannadhan) of Firstpost has put in his papers, reportedly, upset with the day-to-day interference from the Singer A. He is all planning to launch a new online Web portal. Jaggu is busy reviving his old contacts to raise funds for his new media venture. All the best Jaggu!

It is often quoted that in the ancient times, when the seismic prediction technology was primitive, in Japan, people used to watch rats movements. If the rats were found running from one corner to the other, it was an indication that earth quake would hit the area. Now the modern journo rats are predicting the media quakes.

More and more senior journos, especially those settled and operating from New Delhi, are busy quitting their long innings and starting their own on line media ventures. Barkha Dutt, Siddhartha Varadarajan, Siddhartha Bhatia, Sayeed Naqvi are to name a few. Meanwhile, journos having some considerable experience both in print and electronic media, are happy as there are more openings now for them and indeed, there is a dearth of hands!

Adding to this list is the once prominent and later shamed editor Tarun Tejpal and his gang from the erstwhile Tehelka.

Twist in the story is that like the BJP, Congress, AAP is also funding some media start-ups like Janata Ki Reporter. After getting pampered and later kicked in the butt by media, Kejriwal & Co, perhaps! realised that they also need a media organisation to support them. Let a thousand brooms clean!

Talk of media titans clash; the one worth mentioning is the war between Singer A and the husband-wife team of a prominent Idiot Box news channel. When Singer A took over a major TV group, the husband and wife team demanded a huge compensation which the Singer A point blankly rejected. The Hubby-wife had no option but to quit and join a rival channel.