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Published on May 26, 2015 03:34:34 AM

Modi attacks previous UPA government for its misrule; woos farmers, but remains silent on land bill

RASHPAL DASGOTRA/ Nagla Chandrabhan (MATHURA): Claiming that his government was dedicated to the cause of poor in the last one year, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday asserted that bad days were over for common man but they had just begun for those who were using political corridors to get huge benefits looting common man for past 60 years.

Addressing Jan Kalayan Sabha at the village of Deen Dayal Upadhaya rally in Nagla Chandrabhan, about 25 kilometers from Mauthura town, Modi targeted the former government for favouring their own friends and family members for giving benefits. Touching upon his election promise of “achche din” (good days) in his speech, Modi said he did not guarantee “achche din” for the people who had looted the country.

“Some people are very upset as their bad days have started, while everyone else in the country is enjoying good days. For past 60 years, they remained in the corridors of power. I broke them all, there is no place of brokers in my government,” Modi said, addressing a large gathering scorching under a temperature of 45 degree Celsius in the mid of village fields.

He spoke for half an hour on over UPA’s corruption, from coal scam to Vadra and alleging that the UPA regime had brought corruption to the optimum level while his governance brought change miraculously bringing confidence in the common man. Citing the example of former Prime Minister Rajeev Gandhi, he said during his regime his observation that only 15 paisa reached the common man.

The Prime Minister said 365 days of his government were a trailer and hinted that the coming days would be tougher for the people using political shelter for making illegal money.

A considerable part of his speech was dedicated to farmers, in the backdrop of a proposed land bill by the Modi government triggering a political storm and rivals terming the piece of legislation anti-farmer. "We are making efforts so farmers of the nation get adequate water, electricity and land," Modi said.

At a time the issue of farmers' suicide in the onslaught of poor rains have emerged as a talking point, Modi added, “Farmers' suicides must not be politicised. We must look into why farmers are unhappy after 60 years of Independence."

“To improve the condition of my farmers, my target is to improve the condition of lands of the farmer. By issuing soil health card, availability of irrigation water by PM irrigation scheme, 24 X7 power supply and good quality seeds, I want to cure the problems of farmers forever in next three years,” said Modi.

Harping on his welfare pitch, the PM added, "The poor were not given the opportunity to enter banks for so many years. We opened bank accounts for the poor. We want to create an environment where there is a sense of social security. We have introduced the Atal Pension Yojana..."

He also lauded various initiatives taken by his government in providing employment to the people. He claimed that his focus is to empower small businessmen by providing easy loans to them. “Six crore of people provide 12 crore jobs to the people through small scale industries. By creating Mudhra bank our government would provide loan from Rs 10,000 rupees to Rs 10 lakh so that more jobs would be created through small industries initiatives,” said Modi.

He repeated his initiatives on cleaning river Ganga, Yamuna and claimed that this would start yielding results.

Reiterating his stand on an image makeover of the country, Modi said, "Now the world is trusting India and this is bringing investment."

He said if India wanted to fight poverty, "the youth of the nation must get employment opportunities".

Modi stressed "big corporates don't generate a lot of employment" and talked about the role of small traders and businessmen.

Signing off with the vow to help the poor, he said by 2022, when India will complete 75 years of Independence, every pooor family will have its own house.

Earlier in the day, Modi reached Deen Dayal Dham at Mathura around 3.45pm by a helicopter that landed a the specially prepared helipad. The PM then garlanded the statue of Deen Dayal Upadhyay, a prominent leader of the Bharatiya Jana Sangh.

Ramesh, a farmer came all the way from Noida to attend the rally return upset as Modi remained silent on land acquisition. “Policies of Modi Government are good but land acquisition are not in our favour,” said Ramesh

Residents of Agra, who came to attend the rally, wanted BJP to focus on UP, as they were upset with the rule of State government. “There is no rule in UP government. We want water, electricity and good roads in Uttar Pradesh. We want Modi ji to do something for the people of the State,” Vinod Kumar of Agra.

Prime Minister has targeted Uttar Pradesh for approaching Assembly election by showing the performance of his government against corruption and removing anti farmer’s tag expressing his concern over the farming community.