Dekh Tamasha Saawan Ka!

Published on May 24, 2015 17:56:56 PM

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When the two Telugu State are reeling under severe heat, with news of monsoon hitting the Kerala coast on time, let us recapture about Monsoon and get some relief from the scorching Sun.

How Soon, Monsoon!

The air is wet, soaks

into mattresses, and curls

In apparitions of smoke,

Like fat white slugs furled

Among the timber

Or silver fish tunnelling

The damp linen covers

Of schoolbooks, or walking

Quietly like centipedes,

The air walking everywhere

On its hundred feet

Is filled with the glare

Of tropical water.

Again we are taken over

By clouds and rolling darkness.

Small snails appear

Clashing their timid horns

Among the morning glory


                                                                                -Shirley Geok-lin Lim

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Last Night the Rain Spoke to Me

Last night

the rain

spoke to me

slowly, saying,

what joy

to come falling

out of the brisk cloud,

to be happy again

in a new way

on the earth!

                                                                                -Mary Oliver