Humanity craves for humility

Published on May 23, 2015 01:06:06 AM

P K Srivastava, GM, South Central Railway, Civility can be construed as the hallmark of true character, positive personality and behavioural mannerisms imbibed by us. We Indians are a privileged lot being children of a blessed land which holds a rich culture. As followers of Sanatana Dharma, our very instincts personify civility in every way, each day of our lives.

Learn as if you were to live forever - Mahatma Gandhi

In Ramayana, Lord Rama says: “Nirmal Man, Jan So Mohi Pava. Mohi Kapat, Chal, Chidra na Bhava (Only the virtuous minded attain Me. Anyone indulging in fraudulent acts and deception can never win my favour). Swachh Soch is not a new phrase but a perennial one from the Hindu Shastras. Dhyan, meditation and prayers take us to a state where we return to our original sublime form and we tend to shed inhibitions which we inherited from circumstances.

Clean thinking does not come by means of professional status that we hold or the authority that we wield.A very strong will is needed to keep negative traits in check. We need to devote time for spiritual pursuits and understand teachings of the Holy Scriptures. Clean words spoken are the result of keeping our baser instincts in check. We should remember that it is the mind which acts, with all its trickery, to generate harmful thoughts and also tends to present plausible reasons to justify the same.

The mind should not be kept idle. The world around us is a kaleidoscope of various situations that impact life.Happiness and sorrow go together.Anger and helplessness mingle. Being clean in the mind and correct in words is a big challenge. So, the mind should always be reminded to pick ‘goodness’ as the only option. I remember when I was young, at every step my parents used to affectionately and with concern make their view point clear.

For them, my success in every sphere, particularly on the education and career front was very important. But what was more important for them was the fact that, I should be the embodiment of the very best in terms of behaviour – respectful, obedient, caring, careful in words and deeds and above all compassionate towards elders.

It is this early lesson which taught me clean thinking or in other words Swachh Soch.Swami Vivekananda, whose personality and thinking has been a beacon of light to humanity, once said, “If you want to extend yourselves to infinity reduce yourself to zero”. This is the humbleness that humanity craves for. This is the path that will eventually take us to be true to ourselves -- In mind and in what we speak.