After Land Bill, its Net Neutrality for Rahul: The Prince Speaks

Published on April 22, 2015 11:29:29 AM
As soon as the session of Lok Sabha started on Wednesday, the Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi, asked for suspension of the Question Hour and demanded the government to make its stand clear about the net neutrality issue, which tells that once one gets an internet connection, he needn’t pay for any further use of net connections, be it Wi-Fi or any services.

The Congress is not ready for free net use, as it thinks that it would be a burden on the consumers in the future. The party feels that the government would take a pro-corporate stand while proceeding with the net neutrality issue. The Congress wants a bill to be passed clearing all doubts about the net neutrality.

The efforts of Congress to be constantly in public eye to perpetuate its legacy are continuing, more so as Rahul Gandhi is noted for his lackadaisical attitude towards common man’s vagaries.