Rahul gets a surprise pat from Baba Ramdev

Published on May 21, 2015 11:59:59 AM

After his 56 -days sabbatical at an undisclosed destination, AICC Vice President Rahul Gandhi, seems to have bitten by the lady luck! After his successful Padyatras on people’s issues, now Rahul gets a pat from an unexpected quarters. Yoga Guru Baba Ram Dev appreciated Rahul for reviving the Congress which was almost on its death bed.

Yoga guru Ramdev, known for his association with PM Modi and the BJP, while praising Rahul,  made another  surprise remark on the NDA government when he said that Modi's ministers’ were "arrogant". He also criticized the government for its inept handling of the issues related to farmers.

In an interview to a Hindi TV Channel, Ram Dev, when asked point blank about his views on Rahul, said,” Rahul has given a lifeline to a virtually dead Congress. Such a big political house (Congress) was bogged down by inertia. But it is back on its wheels now,"