A fairytale turns into a nightmare

Published on May 18, 2015 11:08:08 AM
A 27 year old lady from Rajasthan never imagined that her fascination with the glamour world would push her into a whirlpool of troubles. To make a good career, she landed in Hyderabad and met a person who completely changed her life overnight.

She eventually developed a very close relation with the person, which looked hunky-dory in the beginning. But as her partner’s real identity got revealed over a period of time which shocked her to the core. By the time she realized everything; police had stepped into action and arrested her.

The actress is none other than Neetu Agarwal and the person is a lemon vendor turned red sanders smuggler, politician and producer Mastan Vali.

On April 13, Neetu was arrested by Rudhravaram police, based on the evidence of money transaction from her bank account to smugglers in Ahobilam area. The police named her as accused number 10 and booked her under the Indian Penal Code on charges of criminal conspiracy and other sections of the Forest Act for conspiring with smugglers.

On Sunday i.e, May 17, Neetu reached Rudhravaram police station to complete bail formalities and when she encountered the media, Neetu shared her agony and the disturbance she is going through. Now, she wants to commit suicide as threats for her life are knocking her doors.