Hyderabad supports a life saving endeavour

Published on April 18, 2015 19:39:39 PM

Hyderabadis are today forsaking their own interests and co-operating in giving new life to small girl.

The KIMS hospital surgeons will be doing a liver transplant shortly to the girl from a brain dead person, whose organ is being brought from Guntur to the KIMS hospital.

The organ will brought to Shamshabad from Guntur in a special flight, and will soon reach the hospital, as special traffic arrangements have been made for the purpose. The organ will be brought using the green channel process to the hospital. It will cover the route from Shamshabad, passing through  PV Narshimha Rao Airport fly over, Masab Tank and Necklace Road.

Hyderabad police and traffic police are supporting the operation of transplantation, with complete co-operation form the people of Hyderabad.

The operation is scheduled to start at 8 pm.