For a clean Hyderabad

Published on May 17, 2015 02:57:57 AM
KCR launches Swachh Hyderabad; salutes sanitary workers of GHMC

METRO NEWS/ HYDERABAD: Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao on Saturday saluted the sanitary workers of Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation for their commitment and relentless service to keep the city clean. He even compared them with gods and their services with that of parents.

Launching the prestigious "Swachh Hyderabad–Swachh Telangana” campaign as part of Swachh Bharat programme of the Centre, KCR lauded the municipal sweepers for their regular sanitation drive. "They are our gods. And their services are no less than that of our parents. We have to salute them for cleaning the city and putting in efforts to make it a garbage-free city. We have to recognise the services of the sanitary workers.

Indeed it is our duty to help them in cleaning our own city,” KCR remarked. He, however, said the city was not as good as it should have been thanks to the poor civic conditions. He hoped that the Swachh Hyderabad campaign was aimed at improving the amenities.

KCR called upon the people to participate voluntarily to make the city clean. He expressed concern that the historic city has a large number of people with meager facilities and amenities. He said that many worst and unhygienic cities were transformed into clean cities with the participation of public representatives, officials and the residents of those cities. Noting that the Swachh Hyderabad campaign was aimed at transforming the city into a clean city, the Chief Minister said that Hyderabad had already shot to fame as the most ideal city to live in the entire country while citing the example of former Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) of the country JM Lingdoh, who had decided to settle down in Hyderabad.

He said the Swachh Hyderabad mission should not only be used to keep all localities of the city clean but also to fulfill all needs of the residents. He asked the officials and team members to visit each and every locality of the city and gather information related to the requirements, status of basic amenities and implementation of welfare programmes from the residents.

KCR said that the officials should submit a report containing details related to emergency works to be taken up by GHMC and works to be taken up by the State government. The report would help the government to prepare a comprehensive plan for the development of Hyderabad. He asked the officials to prepare Basthi level detailed plans as part of the program.

The Chief Minister instructed the officials to reach their designated areas and hold meetings with local residents. He wanted them to begin their work from Sunday morning and spend at least five hours in the basthis. KCR asked the officials to show to the world the power of collective will and collective work. He also asked the officials to prepare a development plan by name "Plan the Basthi.’ He wanted the officials to take up development works based on their plan. The contribution by the public representatives and officials would bring down the burden from the regular sanitary workers.

Noting that the Swachh Hyderabad programme should become inspiration for the entire country, KCR said that the government was spending Rs 200 crore on it. He thanked union minister Bandaru Dattatreya for sanctioning Rs 75 crore for the program from the NITI Ayog. The CM also thanked Governor ESL Narasimhan for his participation in the program. He also showered praises on GHMC Commissioner Somesh Kumar for conceiving the noble programme.

He also unveiled the campaign logo besides launching the Facebook page of GHMC to promote the program on the occasion. The Chief Ministre also launched a song CD produced by Telangana Sanskritika Saradhi Chairman Rasamai Balakishan on the occasion.

425 kits comprise info: Somesh
GHMC Commissioner Somesh Kumar said Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao himself designed the program. The war to wipe out trash, dust and mud, which has just begun will remain a continuous drive, he said. The city was divided into 425 units and mentors were given kits of details to take up the drive, he added. According to information, some Telugu film heroes are likely to participate in the Hyderabad clean drive.

Later, the Chief Minister removed garbage in a drive taken up at Parsigutta near Ram Nagar here. Excise Minister Padma Rao Goud assisted KCR to lift the garbage casket to shift into a tractor. Later, KCR interacted with the people and patiently heard their problems related to non-lifting of garbage, poor maintenance of roads, drinking water and other amenities like public toilets. Home Minister N Narsimha Reddy participated in a similar program Ram Nagar SRT quarters.