Red Sanders fly to Nellore,Cuddapah

Published on April 12, 2015 10:44:44 AM
The Police spruced up combing operations,in Cuddapah and Nellore districrts,which yielded a great result on Sunday,as a huge number of illegally smuggled red sanders wete recoverd from 104 smugglers,who were speaking in Tamil.The police according to definite information they got ,combed areas of Rajampet  inn Cuddapah districtand Marripdu in Nellore district,where they arrested some 104 red sanders smugglers in the wee hours of Sunday.
They were smuggling these goods in Tankers,to avoid any doubt.
The police found out an intreresting fact that,  some of the smugglers in the group were those who ran away in police encounter at Tirupati.