Layered fire security at KBR park

Published on March 11, 2015 05:30:30 AM
In the wake of frequent fire mishaps around KBR National Park, the authorities have proposed to implement a multi-layered fire security set up to avert any disaster and minimise the crisis. The Hyderabad Divisional Forest Officer has issued orders to increase the fire-watching squad from the existing five members to 16 in the wake of two minor fire accidents that took place on the HMDA premises adjoining KBR Park in the past few days.

Although these mishaps were minor, the authorities are taking preventive measures as the park houses a varied species of birds and reptiles, especially peacocks in large numbers. Hyderabad DFO K Mohan said, "We have readied proposals for having a three-layered fire security plan across the park to minimise the possibility of fire engulfing the 1.6 sq. km park”. The park would be segmented into three sections where each section would be divided with a 10 meter clean-leaf zone. 

The 10-metre areas would be cleared of fire causing agents like dry leaves and branches every day. "Dry leaves even on the sides, along the pathways would also be cleared daily. We are also planning to install multiple fire extinguishers in the park,” he said. Explaining a vulnerable situation arising out of a fire mishap, he said, "There is no wall to segregate the HMDA area and KBR National Park. Only grilled iron bars separate the premises. We were lucky enough on both the occasions as the fire did not enter the park. If there was a heavy wind, the fortunes would have changed,” he bemoaned.

"If a fire breaks out, it would cause irreparable damage to the flora and fauna here. There is no path inside the park to facilitate the fire engines,” he said. He said that the Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority should revamp its security apparatus and strengthen it further before any major disaster takes place."It is the responsibility of the HMDA to take necessary steps to prevent further fire incidents on their premises. Although it is their job, the onus is on us,” he said.
On several occasions, the HMDA staff residing on the premises was warned against lighting fire for trivial domestic reasons. We have even written to the HMDA authorities about the possibility of a fire breaking out, due to the huge quantity of dry leaves and branches. "If the HMDA does not take necessary action to avert fire mishaps, we will be constrained to lodge a complaint with the Forests and Environment Minister to initiate action against the official concerned,” Mohan said.