NHRC notice on killing undertrails

Published on April 10, 2015 08:30:30 AM
The National Human Rights Commission [NHRC] has issued notice to Telangana government in connection with the encounter of five undertrails. The notices were issued to Chief Secretary of the state and Director General of Police, and they were asked to respond to the notice within two weeks.

NHRC took suo motu cognizance of media reports related to the encounter case. According to the media reports, undertrails were being taken to Hyderabad in connection with a court case by the police. One of the undertrails asked the police to stop the vehicle for a toilet break. While getting back to the vehicle, the undertail reportedly snatched the rifle from a policeman and fired at the sub-inspector sitting in the front row. In response, the police fired back resulting in the death of all the undertrails.