Published on March 10, 2015 05:30:30 AM
Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao said on Friday that his legislature would not take a one-sided choice on limiting media access to the Secretariat. A choice in this respect would be brought in interview with media delegates and the Press Academy on Saturday, he told media persons at Telangana Bhavan. The Chief Minister specified that however he hosted examined the issue with get-together pioneers on approaches to manage media at the Secretariat, no choice had been taken.

Administering TRS, which came to power with the assistance of media amid Telangana development, has overlooked the past.

On Friday, the legislature proposed to permit just select media persons into the Secretariat by method for passes as an approach to confine media access to clergymen and IAS officers. KCR recommended that the section of media staff into the Secretariat be limited after protests made by a couple of clergymen and IAS officers over "mischief" of copyists. A portion of the priests and IAS officers raised the issue of hindrance they confronted because of the vicinity of media faculty in the work places and chambers. 
"The media staff are sticking around at our loads and business locales and entering them, creating aggravation to our work," they told KCR. They even whined that a few recorders were entering the lifts extraordinarily implied for pastors and officers. They called attention to that in Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and in the Union Government secretariats, the media was not permitted to enter. Taking umbrage at the move to limit media access to the Secretariat, writers speaking to different media houses held showings on Friday. 

Recorders depended on 'camera down' dissents at the Secretariat. Pioneers of copyists' unions said that the administration was choking the media. They said that the decision Telangana Rashtra Samithi, which had come to power with the assistance of the media amid the Telangana development, had overlooked the past, and was currently censuring the media. A few columnists took solid protest to remarks made by authorities and priests to KCR, recommending that a couple of press persons were bringing about inconvenience to them with irrational inquiries. 

Reacting to this, KCR purportedly concurred on a basic level to confine the entrance of press persons into the Secretariat. He allegedly told the authorities that there was no requirement for press persons to stick around the Secretariat for the duration of the day. "It would be better in the event that we send the data to the media houses on the happenings at Secretariat consistently," he said.

Pioneers of working columnists' union met the media counselor and Information and Public Relations division authorities on Friday and communicated their disappointment at the move of the administration. Dreading a backfire from unions of columnists, the administration is considering issue of section goes to choose media persons and a choice in this respect may be declared in a day or two.