Published on March 10, 2015 05:30:30 AM
Chief Secretary Rajiv Sharma on Friday discussed the increase in price of necessary goods and urged common supplies and marketing divisions to take immediate steps to resolve the issue. 

The Price Monitoring Committee held under the chairmanship of the Chief Secretary met on Friday, and assessed the inflation of commodities, especially dals and edible oils. 

He directed them to supply vital commodities below the current market rate.  Officials were requested to procure supplies through Rythu bazaars to control the price inflation. 
The agriculture marketing and cooperation principal secretary informed that due to adverse climare conditions and prolonged drought, the production of pulses and edible oils had fallen substantially resulting in sharp gap between demand and supply.
The CS asked officials to ensure that the prices of these commodities were kept under control by inspecting business premises and unearthing the hoarded stocks. He directed the marketing department to procure onions, vegetables and make them available through Rythu bazars at less than the market rate.
He urged the officials to study the price hike and submit a proposal for commodities like pulses that had witnessed sharp gap between  the demand and supply in recent years.

The CS also stated that if there is any abnormal increase in prices of any essential commodity, the departments should take immediate action to control them by resorting to market intervention procurement within and outside the State.