Divine intervention ignites fire in Rahul

Published on May 07, 2015 19:06:06 PM
"Aam taur par mandir mein jaata hoon to mangta nahin hoon. Mein andar gaya, aag jaisi shakti mili (Generally, I don’t ask the God for anything while visiting a temple. I felt a fire-like energy after entering the temple,” Rahul told reporters in Kedarnath.


When Congress Vice President and heir apparent of the party, Rahul Gandhi took an unexpected sabbatical of 52 days at an unknown destination, speculations were rife in media about his trip, where he went and for what? Till date, neither Rahul nor his party has bothered to explain the reasons.
But the post-sabbatical political change can be seen in Rahul, which is provocative, assertive and also media attention grabbing. Since his return from his "holiday,” Rahul Gandhi has virtually taken the political arena by storm proving his rivals wrong who always dubbed him as "a reluctant politician not capable of leading a national party like the Congress.”

Finding Rahul a changed man for the better and his subsequent visit to Kedarnath temple, where he claimed he had experienced a fire like energy, have also led to several inferences.

Metroindia.com tried unraveling the mystery behind "Unknown 52 days” of Rahul’s sabbatical and his subsequent transformation. We have alerted our correspondents spread all over the Globe, but managed to get information only in bits and pieces. Putting together the ‘unconfirmed information” we have come to a conclusion (which has no basis) that Rahul must have gone to a spiritual retreat to get some Divine help. After 50 days of rigorous training in matters both Noumenal, and Phenomenal, Rahul got both mental and physical strength on his return and went for a 20 km trek to Kedarnath temple.

Perhaps! It is due to this Divine intervention that Rahul straight away launched a scathing attack on Modi’s government in Lok Sabha. Later, he met a delegation of farmers in Delhi before presiding over a massive anti-BJP farmers' rally. 

He did not stop here as his wont, he took up the much debated land bill and opposed it almost like a socialist. He then took a "U” turn and went all out in supporting net-neutrality in Parliament. He then rushed off to Ram Manohar Lohia hospital to meet the family of Gajendra Singh, the farmer who committed suicide during the AAP’s rally.

In Parliament, he described Modi regime as a "suit-boot" government, a reference to the PM's monogrammed suit. He also accused the Centre of not helping farmers hit by unseasonal rains and diluting the land acquisition law to weaken farmers. His 20-minute intervention was aimed at showing his willingness to enter into a political duel with the government, especially the PM. This was Rahul's first speech in the 16th Lok Sabha.

After his impressive performance in Lok Sabha, Rahul visited Kedarnath on the occasion of the temple’s portal opening ceremony. He stayed inside the temple and took a "parikrama” in the company of chief priest Bhima Shankar. He preferred to stand on a snow-covered mountain while talking to reporters.
Rahul has embarked on a padayatra at select places in the country to interact with farmers and highlight their issues. He will be visiting Adilabad district on May 11 and 12. Later, he will also address students at the Osmania University City.